Massage for Computer Strain

Do you sit at a computer for hours on end? Do you feel pain or stiffness when you get up from your desk? I am a Massage therapist who only sits at her computer for a short while during the day but i certainly notice how it affects my body especially on my lap top!

I notice my posture and remind my self to sit up straight, shoulders back and down, chin in ahhh thats better! how do you manage all day without stretching or without regular massage. which reminds me when did you last book your appointment to see me?

Massage therapy – specifically deep tissue massage – releases the build-up of tension in your body. I will save you from the long list of benefits of massage therapy which include improved circulation, sleep, and alertness just to mention a few. The major benefit for you is that you can continue to work hard and have a healthy outlet to release the tension caused from sitting like that…by the way please sit up!