Pregnancy and Massage During the Birthing Process

Massage During the Birthing process

Birth Massage techniques can be invaluable in alleviating lower back pain and act as a point of focus
Of course during the birthing process you may not want to be touched at all as you are experiencing a vast array of inner feelings.  Your partner needs to try to recognise this and respond accordingly. Aromatherapy oils can play their part in the birthing process as some oils offer pain relief and help lower levels of anxiety for example
”    Lavender for pain relief and stress
”    Rose Otto for anxiety
”    Clary Sage for contractions
”    Neroli to facilitate easy breathing

They can be used in a variety of ways including inhalation on a flannel, electric oil burners or in a massage blend.

Overall most women find Aromatherapy Oils a highly effective tool.

After the birth you may continue to receive massage to help your body recover and release any tension particularly as you begin to breastfeed your baby.