Self Massage

Self-Massage Techniques

There’s nothing more enjoyable than having someone give you a good massage. But when there’s no one around to do it, apply the power within your own hands to yourself. Massage is a wonderful way to get to know your body. It’s also a great way to release stress and relax – something that’s harder to do in an ever-changing and fast paced world.

Practise daily when you’re applying our soothing body lotions and moisturisers. You’ll discover you can soothe away tension at the end of the day or energise yourself in the morning – depending on which movements you use. If you’re stuck for time, limit your massage to your feet or hands. But give your whole body the attention it deserves whenever you can.

Feet While watching TV, rest one foot on the other knee and apply a small amount of Essenture Hand & Body Lotion.

With slight pressure, stroke from toe to ankle – with one hand on top and the other on the sole of the foot. Repeat 2-3 times. Squeeze each toe in turn and pull gently. Make a fist with one hand. Use your knuckles to create a corkscrew movement up and down the sole. Press in around the heel and round the ankle. Finish with stroking movements as before.


Massage can relieve aching legs as well as helping them after exercise. It can also help with the appearance of the thighs. Do one leg first, then the other. Apply Essenture Hand & Body Lotion to your hands and stroke up the thighs. Knead the outside of the thigh, like you’re making bread, lifting and squeezing flesh in each hand. Take care if you have broken veins. With lightly clenched fists pummel the front and outside of the thighs. Move to the knees and with small circular movements, massage around the knee. Stroke up from the ankle to the knee in brisk, sweeping movements. To finish, stroke behind the back and front in soothing movements.

Buttocks and Hips

We hold lots of tension in our buttocks. These movements bring blood to the area and improve tone and texture. After applying Essenture Hand & Body Lotion, make sweeping and circular movements over the hips and buttocks. With lightly clenched fists and flexible wrists, pummel one side with both hands – then the other. Keep it light!


Starting on you right side stroke your abdomen in a clockwise direction with one hand following the other in a circle. Move straight across from right to left with your right hand. Stroke with your left hand in an alternating pattern.

Arms and Hands

We often neglect our poor arms. But massage is great for releasing tension especially if you work with computers. Apply Essenture Hand & Body Lotion to the whole arm from wrist to shoulder. Move right up to and over the shoulder and glide down. The movement is firmly up and lightly down. Squeeze and release flesh with thumb and fingers, paying particular attention to the upper arm.Then make circular movements around the elbow. With your thumb, press and release in the groove of the forearm from your elbow to wrist, then make circular movements around the wrist. Stroke over the top of the hand towards the wrist Squeeze and pull each finger gently. With your thumb, stroke firmly between each bone on the back of your hand then turn your hand over and work all over the palm towards the wrist. Finish by stroking all the way back up to the shoulder – front and back.


Most people suffer from sore, aching muscles and occasional headaches. These movements will help you to relax and relieve tension in this area. Place some Essenture Hand & Body Lotion in your left hand. Starting at the base of the skull on the right side, stroke down the neck and over the top of the arm. Come back up and repeat a few times (2-3). Repeat with your right hand over your left shoulder, alternating hands to shoulders. With the fingers of both hands, make small circular movements around the base of the spine, working up under the skull. This area can be particularly sensitive to pressure so move gently. Again, make small circular movements on either side of the spine in the neck with your fingers. Lastly, make loose fists and with alternating hands to shoulders gently bounce them up and down over the shoulders. Finish with a stroking, patting movement.

Face and Neck

Massage can help lift headaches, release tension and improve the tone of your facial skin. Starting at the chest, stroke up to the jaw line with alternating palms. Repeat 2-3 times. Turn your hands over and gently slap under the chin. Make sure you tuck your tongue back for this movement. Next, make smooth movements from your chin to the ears with your palms. Place ring fingers on the bridge of your nose, and press and release gently out to the ears. This is great for sinuses. Pinch and release up and over the eyebrows, starting at the inner corner, and work out. Feel the tension releasing under your fingers. Again, with your ring finger, alternate firm strokes upwards between the eyebrows. Then with two fingers make circular, sweeping movements up and out over the whole forehead. After this last movement, press in gently at the temples and gently pull the hair for final tension release. Come back to the face and with palms facing in and hands together, cup and hold over your face. Once over your nose, once out to the side with hands apart, and then once over the ears.

Feeling Good?

By now you should feel relaxed and refreshed! To energise yourself, make fists and starting at the ankles lightly pummel your legs, round your back, over the abdomen, chest, arms, shoulders and head. This movement can be done over clothes at any time of the day for a quick pick-me-up.