The Benefits of Dry Skin Brushing

Dry skin body brushing needn’t take long 5-10 minutes a day is all that is required for fresh, healthy skin.

This is the self-help option of getting the maximum benefit of visiting a spa.

Using a NATURAL bristle long handle brush

Dry skin body brushing before showering or bathing (lukewarm not hot please) is one of the BEST things we can do for our bodies, not only does it eliminate TOXINS, it exfoliates gently (stops ingrown hairs), stimulates Lymphatic flow (reducing cellulite) and stimulates the circulation.

Dry skin Body brushing is a powerful technique yet extremely gentle, skin responds easily, producing smooth, HEALTHY looking skin. This is because our lymphatic system is our waste disposal system and is easily overworked; it is our first line of defense against bacteria but the last to receive nutrients.

The lymph glands and pathways do not have a mechanical pumping action, as do our veins and therefore legs and arms can get puffy, you may find blemishes on the top of your arms and cellulite on your legs as a result

The pressure should be a light yet firm brush upwards towards the heart (downwards from the shoulders to the heart)

Starting at the feet (brush the soles of the feet to stimulate all the reflex points of the body) sweep the brush upward followed by a sweep with your other hand (be gentle at first until your skin gets used to it) work the abdomen in circular clockwise movements to follow the large intestine and then do the arms, shoulders and back (do not use on the face)

You may notice the odd blemish occurring due to the elimination process at the beginning.

To see for yourself how powerful this technique can be, try this simple experiment

Every day before your shower or bath, brush your skin all over, then taking a damp flannel rub it all over your body, hang the flannel without rinsing and repeat over the next two days

The smell will not be very nice (due to the waste products) and then think of what your skin will be like with regular brushing!!! Remember to wash your brush once a month to remove the dead skin cells and impurities. After your shower do not completely towel dry but allow the moisture to be retained on the skin and seal it with Essenture Hand & Body lotion, packed full of nutrients that treat your soul and pamper your senses.

Your skin will feel tighter, more resilient and healthier!