Why feeling just ‘alright’ isn’t alright

How are you? Great thanks! Isn’t that what most people say? yet most people feel tired, have aches and pains and a host of other complaints including headaches, mouth ulcers PMSWhen ‘Carol ‘ (not her real name) came to see me she felt ‘OK’ but during the consultation it became clear that a few of the above complaints were revealed and we decided to look at her stress levels. Carol has 2 children and had returned to work full time. At night she was tired and irritated by the smallest thing and found outbursts of anger were being directed to her Husband and Children.Yet when she went to bed her mind was racing and sleep was not easy. Trapped in this cycle we devised a plan to reduce her anxiety by reducing caffeine and sugary foods and replacing with healthy foods and fruit, nuts as snacks. We arranged a series of Massage sessions to enable her body to understand how it feels to be relaxed and left time for exercise, perhaps swimming with her children. I also prepared a blend of Aromatherapy oils for her to use at home around the house,Lavender is a very versatile oil that can be used to create a sleep enhancing atmosphere. Other useful oils are  Ylang -Ylang, Sweet Marjoram or Pettitgrain.One month on and Carol feels much happier and commented that the oils helped her children to relax and concentrate on their homework!