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Dr Leah Zvirzdinas

At Bellies Bubs And Beyond I am dedicated to providing passionate, warm and tailored health care. My aim is to equip you to enjoy a vibrant life.

As a mother who is a qualified chiropractor, I have a special interest in women, pregnancy, babies and beyond. This unique service is now available to the Port Macquarie and Kempsey areas. – Xanthe Pearson – Kinesiologist

My particular interest in childhood and post – pregnancy/ birthing issues, comes from my own struggles and joys of this very demanding time. Kinesiology is unique in that it relies upon an individuals own innate healing power and allows me to get below the surface of symptoms. This is very useful for trauma and emotionally challenging events in life, that can manifest themselves as Physical symptoms.

Australia’s most comprehensive online directory of pregnancy, baby and toddler services.

Central to Health Chiropractic in Surry Hills and Artarmon Chiropractic in Artarmon. We are a gentle holistic Chiropractic wellness clinic specialising in pediatrics and pregnancy care. We use specific low force techniques and are open 6 days.

Katie Brown of Yoga Babes is mum to Lucas (aged 2) and expecting her second child in September. She is an IYTA (International Yoga Teachers’ Association) qualified teacher who specialises in pre and post natal Yoga. She is also a certified Infant Massage instructor with IMA and has devised a unique and hugely popular baby Yoga routine for new mums. She is currently working on a pre-natal Yoga DVD Also Pre and post-natal Yoga Relaxation CDs for every mum-to-be and every new mum. Pre-natal Yoga classes and childbirth workshops held on Northern Beaches of Sydney, baby Yoga and infant massage workshops.

Birthing Rites Australia is run by Marie Burrows and today is acknowledged as a leading provider of the highest quality pregnancy education and counselling in the field of childbirth and parenting education, offering four different types of prenatal classes, parenting support classes, childbirth education courses, and a vast array of support services. We also run a full-time counselling service for individuals and families.

The mission of Infant Massage Australia is to empower parents and enrich families through the nurturing touch of infant massage fostering healthy communication, understanding and a love for children in our society.

PureCalma online wellbeing offers personal and unbiased content aimed at all levels of understanding. It takes you on a journey of discovery, through the natural health arena, exploring mind and body on a pathway to harmony and balance.

Lynne Hall offers a holistic approach to supporting breastfeeding and fully supports the research findings that antenatal education is especially beneficial in helping women successfully breastfeed. Similarly, research also shows women will successfully feed longer if they see a lactation consultant with breastfeeding problems in the early days and weeks of breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding is like learning to drive a car, no one expects a new mother to know everything about breastfeeding and settling their baby within the first 1 to 3 weeks.

Lynne can help treat and resolve issues related to sore nipples, painful breastfeeding, concerns about supply, settling and sleeping very early before they become problems and anxieties. Often one visit is all that is needed.
A follow up visit is only required if absolutely needed or by request from the mother & or partner.