Skin Care made Simple

Skin Care Routine

Essenture recommends a simple and gentle skincare routine to keep your skin clean, exfoliated, hydrated and moisturised.


Clean your skin every evening – the natural way. After a day of exposure to air pollutions, wind, sun, air conditioning, dirt and grime from our fingers – your pores get blocked. (Pores are the opening of hair follicles and sweat glands that cause blackheads and pimples. A good, natural cleanser like Essenture Purifying Cleanser

removes impurities without stripping the skin of nutrients. Cleansers containing soap will strip your skin of moisture and nutrients. If you cleanse nightly, there is no reason for you to cleanse your skin in the morning. We recommend that you simply rinse your face with warm water and whilst skin is still damp apply Essenture  Balancing Moisturiser or If your skin is very dry or mature Essenture Night Serum.


Simply put, this process gets rid of dead skin cells. We recommend you exfoliate at least twice a week. Care should be taken if you have broken capillaries/surface veins. It is important to help the skin renewal process by removing dead skin cells. Moisture can be applied to fresh cells helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines.

Clay Masks

Using clay helps to deep cleanse and draw out impurities. If you have acneic or oily skin, you should use green clay. For more mature, sensitive skin use white clay to soften and condition the skin. It is also great to use as a mask on rough, dry hands. When you commence a mask routine you can apply the mask up to 5 times for the first week; then 4 times during the second week; 3 times during the third week; 2 times in the fourth week and then once per week for maintenance.


Moisturising morning and night is important for hydrating, moisturising and protecting. Moisturing helps support the fibres of your skin as well as helping to protect your skin from daily pollutants.

Body Care

Just like the skin on your face needs nurturing, so your body requires special attention. Dry body brushing before a shower, with a natural bristle brush, can be extremely helpful. Body brushing helps exfoliate, tone and stimulate the skin as well as helping the natural drainage of our lymph glands. Always brush upwards to the heart in quick, rhythmic strokes and brush down to the heart when you reach the shoulder/neck area. After your shower, keep your skin damp. Water is great natural hydration for the skin and will allow you to apply your body lotion easier and you won’t need to use as much.

Ultra-Dry Hands and Body

Treating dry, cracked and bleeding areas of your hands and body is very important to the overall wellbeing of your skin. Cracked and bleeding hands can be most painful and can allow infection into the body.

Skin Tips While its important to nourish your skin with Essenture natural skin care products, what you do on

the inside counts too. Make sure your body is getting the goodness and care it deserves by: • Getting regular sleep – give your body the chance to work on repairing cells. • Excercising and regular massage – to stimulate circulation and blood flow. • Drinking eight glasses of water a day – to keep skin plump, hydrated, healthy.

• Stay protected from the sun – to prevent the skin from becoming dehydrated and the damaging effects of UV rays on your skin. • SMILING WHENEVER YOU CAN – the benefits of a healthy soul are limitless.

Don’t over cleanse your skin because if skin becomes dehydrated on the surface, oil production speeds up to compensate. The glands then become blocked with sebum and turn into breeding grounds for bacteria. This is what causes spots and acne.

Do not squeeze spots as this only leads to infections below the surface.