Sound healing

Although we know more today about sound and vibrations we are still trying to understand how they affect us

Deaf people’ listen’ to music through feeling it’s vibrations.

When sound travels through the air, it sets the air molecule around it vibrating causing some molecules to compress and others to expand, this causes the sound wave. In the human body we not only hear the sound when the compressed air of sound waves sets the eardrums vibrating, we also feel by resonance – this is a state of amplified vibration, that occurs when a medium is struck by an external sound stimulus with the same or similar frequency as the medium. In the human body the Pacinian corpuscles (sensory receptors for deep touch) found around muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons are the same locations as the Mamma points (Nadi Junctions). These points are the body’s subtle energy centres that are linked by a network of subtle channels; they are naturally sensitive to sound.


The effect on the human body by the bowls produce Psychophysiological processes, deep healing occurs during hypnotic states where the brainwaves slow down to Theta/Delta level, the vibratory effects of using the bowls include:


  • Improved immune system via the Hypothalamic-pituitary axis
  • Increased brain hemisphere balance
  • Help quieten the internal dialogue
  • Send ethereal energy coursing through the nadis